Badcock & More – Couch delivery

P.O. Box 497
Mulberry, Florida
United States33860

Hello, I am writing this complaint today hoping I get a respond back. I’m a very patient understanding person. Due to Covid everything is on back order order. Which is understandable and I’m not upset in regards to that. I am upset because I waited three months for a $4000 couch that I received with no armless chair I ordered and a wrong facing sofa seat that I ordered. I went to the store and they apologize that they delivered the wrong items and they re-ordered the items. When two months went by I finally received the new order items. And they showed up to my house with a chase I never needed a chase. Now I went back in the store and re-ordered what I needed. And it’s going to be another three months. I am on the five or six month with a half couch. I have received apologies and no compensation or delivery fees waived. I have spent lots of money with you guys and this experience has been horrible. It isn’t the store itself it’s a distribution center. I am hoping and praying the third time is the correct time and after eight months I hope to have a full couch to hold my entire family instead of a half couch.

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