Bagrrys India Limited – Museli

9, Community Centre, Lawrence Road, Industrial Area, Industrial Area,
New Delhi


I am escalating it as I have not received appropriate response from [protected] I have raised it on 31st Jul. They response was very strange: ” It is a promotion that Bagrry did for some vendor so they can’t help it”.

The fact is there was no branding on promotional item and it was within the Baggry Museli packet so Baggry should be responsible.

Product details:

Bagrry’s Fruit n Fiber. MFNF090 pkd 31Mar 21.

The packet reads free caramelized walnut 15g sample pack inside.

The free sample was really stale and soggy. It spoiled my taste when i had it.

i never expect such poor quality of item that Bagrry is promoting.

best regards
Deepak Kumbhat

Badoo – Someone made a fake account with my name and pictures

City Business Centre 25 Lower Road
United KingdomSE162XB

Someone is using my pictures on a fake account and its under my name I only realised she i seen the bit online that says some people that look like u now I’m not happy with this and would like to know what van be done about it . as it is a fake user that is using my pictures to set up the account and using the name JZ so I don’t know how they managed to get my pictures and don’t know the procedure to get the account deleted kind regards.

Badcock & More – Couch delivery

P.O. Box 497
Mulberry, Florida
United States33860

Hello, I am writing this complaint today hoping I get a respond back. I’m a very patient understanding person. Due to Covid everything is on back order order. Which is understandable and I’m not upset in regards to that. I am upset because I waited three months for a $4000 couch that I received with no armless chair I ordered and a wrong facing sofa seat that I ordered. I went to the store and they apologize that they delivered the wrong items and they re-ordered the items. When two months went by I finally received the new order items. And they showed up to my house with a chase I never needed a chase. Now I went back in the store and re-ordered what I needed. And it’s going to be another three months. I am on the five or six month with a half couch. I have received apologies and no compensation or delivery fees waived. I have spent lots of money with you guys and this experience has been horrible. It isn’t the store itself it’s a distribution center. I am hoping and praying the third time is the correct time and after eight months I hope to have a full couch to hold my entire family instead of a half couch.

Badoo – I was told that I commercially use badoo hence I Just Have 1 Weeks Back om badoo I Urge the account recovery

City Business Centre 25 Lower Road
United KingdomSE162XB

It Was Shouted down at 04August 2021 Around 17;00 Pm my. Number [protected]

I urge my account to be revored.Thing Which is making me concern I was online after few hours I’M blocked I’ve never try to violate terms condition of badoo and never try to missuse my badoo email address follow;[protected] user name was Ayanga..
Yours Faithful
Miss P.A

Badcock & More – Sofa is defective

P.O. Box 497
Mulberry, Florida
United States33860

We purchased a sofa Feburary 2nd 2021. After a couple of months we noticed a white spot on the sofa. Wiped the area with water and the material of the sofa came off on the rag.
A person from Badcock came out and took a picture, was supposed to turn it in to the proper person for processing and repair or return.
After a couple of weeks, we called and was told the person that took pictures did not start a complaint.
We spoke to the manager and she assured us she would take care of it. After many calls and being told we have not heard back from the manufacture, it is now 5-6 weeks later with no resolve.
We want Badcock to come get the sofa and return our money.

Badoo – Badoo account(Jay)

City Business Centre 25 Lower Road
United KingdomSE162XB

Hi I’m Jay.
I am a monthly paid user that half a month was paid but not used due to the block.

My badoo account was blocked and I have absolutely no idea in what reason you blocked it.
I’ve never done anything wrong or violated any rules. I don’t know who reported me or not. I’m sure it should be a mistake.

Please unblock my account [protected]

Thank you very much. God bless you!Sincerely;

B2B Bank – selling & buying new home

199 Bay Street, Suite 610, PO Box 35 STN Commerce Court
Toronto, Ontario
CanadaONM5L 0A2

We had an approved mortgage weeks ago that was negotiated on our behalf by our mortgage broker. We worked on it for 6 weeks with them (we are self employed and bridging 2 homes for one month) due to our complicated financial circumstances. We were calculating our mortgage etc based on prime rates.

Their auditor looked over the deal 4 days before we close to advise he will not authorize the mortgage after all. 4 days!! we’ve had to scramble and now use a B lender and pay 6.99% – we were over a barrel – did I mention 4 days before we close!

Their [censored] up has cost me more than $40, 000 in extra lending fees. yea yea yea banks are too busy. give me a break. They have more money than god and have complete screwed us over.

I hate this bank and so do a lot of other people on the net. I will tell everyone I know both personally and professionally to never ever use this bank. They are unethical bullies.

Bab Al Madeena Rent A Car – Scammers

Room 1, Office 14, Floor 5
United Arab Emirates

Worst car rental company !!! scammers ! nasty staff.. Thick skinned [censored]!! they will trap u in their scam !!! i called the police and they also cant do anything !!! very surprised ! tourists are warned agains thtis company !!! strange things is when police arrived, they said we know these people are cheaters !!! why isnt government not doing anything then they already have so many complains ???? if u go to their fb page u will find so many complains!! and yet they are protected !!! worst car rental !! scammers !!! they are most ruthless and thick skinned [censored] ! they will charge yr card against yr approval !!! rascals they are !!!

Balaji Symphony – Regarding Refund

45/4, Shillotar-Raichur, Panvel Matheran Road, New Panvel Annex
Navi Mumbai

I had paid 7k TLP book a flat to which I was committed, that if the circumstances changes due to lockdown and work from home, the amount will be refunded. It’s been two months, we’ve been waiting for the refund but the person in charge never responds. Jyoti. She cuts our calls and the entire team of Balaji Symphony never replied on mails and messages. Pathetic customer service. We were simply unfortunate that the work from home caused some troubles in our monthly wage at home but the way Balaji team has shamelessly stopped replying simply shows how unprofessional the builder is. Atleast they should know what’s happening at the ground level with the customers and how their inferiors are behaving with clients.

Bahama Breeze – service at king of prussia

1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, Florida
United States32837

I was there [protected] and sat at the bar at the opening where the bartenders enter, in the evening around 8:15 or so. Once there, there was still the mess from whomever was previously sitting there, which did not get cleaned up until after one half hour passed and I had to mention it to the black bartender who had just come on. The fact that this is not the first time I have come into this restaurant like this, is horrible because why is the bar not cleaned in the are after the patron has left? I also noticed the same two bartenders who does not acknowledge the customer, unless it’s of their own kind, just look you in your face and don’t even acknowledge you are there with a “I’ll be right with you”. The colored hair bar tender needs to do more than just pull slips from the register to make drinks. I watched her do that and other petty bs, than help myself and another who came in after me and waited. The service is horrible and they need training. I also was told by the black bald-headed bartender my order would be on him because I was angry and waited for such a long time. that when it was time to go, I paid for my order as he lied. This place is a joke and the manager is just as bad as they all assumed I was with the person I sat next to. Don’t assume, ask. They knew I was not there before I came and sat down. I am very dark skinned and can’t be forgotten or missed. I want my $32 dollars back for that sloppy service.