B2B Bank – selling & buying new home

199 Bay Street, Suite 610, PO Box 35 STN Commerce Court
Toronto, Ontario
CanadaONM5L 0A2

We had an approved mortgage weeks ago that was negotiated on our behalf by our mortgage broker. We worked on it for 6 weeks with them (we are self employed and bridging 2 homes for one month) due to our complicated financial circumstances. We were calculating our mortgage etc based on prime rates.

Their auditor looked over the deal 4 days before we close to advise he will not authorize the mortgage after all. 4 days!! we’ve had to scramble and now use a B lender and pay 6.99% – we were over a barrel – did I mention 4 days before we close!

Their [censored] up has cost me more than $40, 000 in extra lending fees. yea yea yea banks are too busy. give me a break. They have more money than god and have complete screwed us over.

I hate this bank and so do a lot of other people on the net. I will tell everyone I know both personally and professionally to never ever use this bank. They are unethical bullies.

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