Baghajatin Gas Service Agency – gas cylinder delivery

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I have transfer my connection 3-4 months ago to Baghajatin Gas Service Agency.From begning every time i have faced same problem during delivery of gas cylender.They have updated status “door closed”.Every time i have to visit there office to why did not deliver my cylender.Every time once i visit there office they told me same today your gas cylender will deliver.Thats true the same day they deliver my cylender.This time just for checking purpose I did not go office for any complain its 8 days over still they did not deliver.Now i am sure they will never deliver this if I do not go there office.Its really very bad experienced.They just black those customer cylender to others party to gain money.Its there business policy.Can any one give me suggestion how can I fight against this.Not only me 90% customer suffers same problem here.

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