Badger Removals – Skip not collected

30 Wood Street Woodend Victoria
Woodend, Victoria

I have started an extention at back of my garden the 15th September 2008.

I have used a skip company for waste removals, I hired 6 skips in 3 months period. This company never issued a receipt, even if I have asked for it.

We finished the extension in the middle of November 2008, since then I have called numerous time to let them know that the skip was ready for collection, they always answered that they were coming in about 2 hours, but never did.

The skip still in my drive, as a conseguence I have to park my car in the road. Since the date I called first time to colect the skip I had a scratch on the car and a damage at the windscreen.

I have a picture of the skip dated the 16th of December 08, that day was a month already that the skip had not been collected.

Furthermore we have 2 little kids and it is dangerous and inconvenient for them when they go out to cross the road to reach the car.

So decided to contact you, we are ready to take legal action against them.

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