Badcock & More – Sofa is defective

P.O. Box 497
Mulberry, Florida
United States33860

We purchased a sofa Feburary 2nd 2021. After a couple of months we noticed a white spot on the sofa. Wiped the area with water and the material of the sofa came off on the rag.
A person from Badcock came out and took a picture, was supposed to turn it in to the proper person for processing and repair or return.
After a couple of weeks, we called and was told the person that took pictures did not start a complaint.
We spoke to the manager and she assured us she would take care of it. After many calls and being told we have not heard back from the manufacture, it is now 5-6 weeks later with no resolve.
We want Badcock to come get the sofa and return our money.

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