Balaji Symphony – Regarding Refund

45/4, Shillotar-Raichur, Panvel Matheran Road, New Panvel Annex
Navi Mumbai

I had paid 7k TLP book a flat to which I was committed, that if the circumstances changes due to lockdown and work from home, the amount will be refunded. It’s been two months, we’ve been waiting for the refund but the person in charge never responds. Jyoti. She cuts our calls and the entire team of Balaji Symphony never replied on mails and messages. Pathetic customer service. We were simply unfortunate that the work from home caused some troubles in our monthly wage at home but the way Balaji team has shamelessly stopped replying simply shows how unprofessional the builder is. Atleast they should know what’s happening at the ground level with the customers and how their inferiors are behaving with clients.

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