Bahama Breeze – service at king of prussia

1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, Florida
United States32837

I was there [protected] and sat at the bar at the opening where the bartenders enter, in the evening around 8:15 or so. Once there, there was still the mess from whomever was previously sitting there, which did not get cleaned up until after one half hour passed and I had to mention it to the black bartender who had just come on. The fact that this is not the first time I have come into this restaurant like this, is horrible because why is the bar not cleaned in the are after the patron has left? I also noticed the same two bartenders who does not acknowledge the customer, unless it’s of their own kind, just look you in your face and don’t even acknowledge you are there with a “I’ll be right with you”. The colored hair bar tender needs to do more than just pull slips from the register to make drinks. I watched her do that and other petty bs, than help myself and another who came in after me and waited. The service is horrible and they need training. I also was told by the black bald-headed bartender my order would be on him because I was angry and waited for such a long time. that when it was time to go, I paid for my order as he lied. This place is a joke and the manager is just as bad as they all assumed I was with the person I sat next to. Don’t assume, ask. They knew I was not there before I came and sat down. I am very dark skinned and can’t be forgotten or missed. I want my $32 dollars back for that sloppy service.

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