Badcock & More – Washer/Dryer Purchase

P.O. Box 497
Mulberry, Florida
United States33860

I purchased a washer/dryer set with financing from the Badcock location in Palatka, Florida. The dryer they delivered has not worked since they delivered it. I’ve checked my outlet and it’s fine ~ the issue is definitely the dryer. I called the store THE DAY AFTER DELIVERY to request a new dryer be brought out; I do not feel I should have to accept a broken appliance. They refused to replace the dryer. It’s been almost three weeks now and I’ve left numerous messages (they don’t answer my calls) relaying days/times I would be home. Nobody has ever called me back or come to my home to get this issue corrected. I just wanted them to replace the faulty dryer (I don’t want a dryer that they send someone out to repair ~ I want it WORKING from DAY ONE.) If that’s not something the store can do, they need to cancel this purchase and I’ll go to another dealer to get what I need. As it stands, I have no option but to pay the payment coming due or it will ruin my credit; Badcock Palatka has caused the company to lose a customer who has spent and was planning on spending a LOT of money with them…I will NOT be returning in the future.

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