Bahama Breeze – Service very unsatisfactory

1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, Florida
United States32837

During my visit on Saturday the waiter, Lance M., Was very unwelcoming. He did not provide his name upon coming to the table to place the order plus he seem to be not wanting to be at work. This was 11:30 AM Saturday. During the dining when placing the order I asked for conch fitters And Bahama breeze cocktail. When bringing the conch fritters, they were burnt and I asked if another batch could be served. He said no he was very rude and when receiving the bill he had another order on the receipt which was incorrect he informed me and just provided me the difference when I asked for a new receipt he said it’s not necessary . I really wanted to have a nice afternoon however he spoiled it and never thanked me for dining with them or actually even came back to check on if things were OK.

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