Badcock & More – Manager do not return calls. Owner fail to communicate as well in a timely manner, and reference to an error made by the staff regarding my account.

P.O. Box 497
Mulberry, Florida
United States33860

I went in to pay my account off. The staff member gave me the wrong payoff. I received the bill in the mail saying I still owe them some money. This process of them supposedly communicating back and forth to the credit center over two weeks Then the manager just got tired of my request of them to find out what happened and if so I have a bill they should be here responsible just like myself since they made an error and they should pay half and I pay half of $125. Instead of returning my calls Angie just disregarded them as if I wasn’t important. Then the owner told me he has other businesses to take care of the reason why he didn’t call me back in a timely manner. Customers are just not important to this location.

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