Bahama Breeze – reservation process

1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, Florida
United States32837

My name is Marcia Williams. I used the online service to make a reservation weeks before the event, for a party of 7-10 guest for a SURPRISE baby shower. I received confirmation for my reservation via a phone call soon after. I called the day before my event and was verbally told that everything was in order. I arrived the next day 30min ahead of time. I was told to give them a few minutes while they prepared the space. Everyone seemed to be unorganized and unsure about my reservation. 15 minutes later I was still sitting in the lobby and my guests were starting to arrive. I asked again and was told that they were getting the space ready. Another 10 minutes later the manager came out to me and my guests who had arrived and told me that another family was sitting in the reserved area and it would be a 45 minutes wait. The guest of honor was about to arrive so I told her that was not an option (again it was supposed to be a surprise). I told the manager I had a reservation. She told me that Bahama Breeze did not take reservations. She acted like it was my fault and she was trying to “make it work for me” At that point I didn’t have time, the SURPRISE was going to be ruined. I agreed to a table inside. This took another 15-20 minutes to prepare. The guest of honor had arrived and to make a long story short the SURPRISE did not go as planned. I was very disappointed by the way the manager handled the situation, her unprofessional demeanor and the way she made it my problem was unacceptable. I don’t recall her name but I’m sure you can look up who was on duty on April 27th, 2019 at the Barrett Pwy location. My reservation was for 4:30pm. Needless to say I will not be back to your establishment and your “reservation” process online is a joke. By the was or server Duncan was wonderful (notice how I remembered his name?)

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